Storage and Data Management

For nearly every organization, data growth is inevitable. Combined with escalating IT and business requirements for security, compliance and flexibility, this growth can present significant challenges. Many organizations are balancing several related issues:

  • Increasing importance of information in supporting decision making and new revenue streams
  • Regulatory compliance requirements for data retention and availability
  • Surging storage capacities, with expanding volumes of unstructured content
  • Increasingly complex infrastructure management
  • Cost, skill and resource pressures

By proactively establishing a well-organized approach to your storage and data environment, you can gain the advantages that come from an effective storage infrastructure. You can provide business users with required access to data, giving key decision makers the information they need to help innovate and grow your revenue. You can cost-effectively deliver storage performance that meets current needs, while laying a strong foundation for the future. And you can better manage business risks and uphold regulatory compliance.

Rethinking the role of storage and data in your organization
Today, an increasing number of companies emphasize simplicity, cost-efficiency and resilience in their storage and data environments. An infrastructure without these characteristics can inhibit a company?s ability to make informed business decisions, deliver responsive customer service, support employee productivity, comply with regulations and deploy new business applications. Organizations must continue to revise their approaches to storage and data management as business and IT needs evolve. Fortunately, DigitalGeo can help.

A comprehensive approach to storage and data
DigitalGeo Global Technology Services offers services that can help you address storage and data needs from end to end, including assessment, planning, design, implementation and management. The services include:

DigitalGeo Storage Optimization and Integration Services ? helping you reduce complexity, optimize performance and manage growth by creating a cost-effective, scalable and resilient storage infrastructure

DigitalGeo Information Lifecycle Management Services ? helping you enable decision making by developing and executing best practices for managing information from creation through disposal on a cost-effective IT infrastructure

DigitalGeo Data Management Services ? helping clients protect and secure data, while optimizing the access, availability and reuse of data to support the evolving needs of applications supporting the enterprise

DigitalGeo Storage and Data Product Services ? helping you mitigate project risk and increase product value by providing assistance with planning and implementation of storage- and data-related hardware and software products or migration of data to new environments

DigitalGeo Storage and Data Managed Services ? helping you leverage the expertise, scale and pre-integrated, standard capabilities of a world-class service provider that can manage the storage environment on your behalf

The anticipated benefits DigitalGeo's storage and data services are designed to help you achieve better business performance and support your customers more effectively. With our storage expertise, proven methodologies and effective tools, we can help support your organization?s current and future storage and data requirements:

  • Enable improved decision making and access to information
  • Simplify management of your storage and data environment
  • Improve your ability to comply with regulations and enhance security
  • Manage storage growth more effectively, while controlling costs