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Open source is progressively gaining the confidence of large corporate world through its useful tools used in day-to-day activity to improve productivity and business performance. An open standard supported by open source software allows interchangeability of hardware and software. This interchangeability gives businesses to take advantage of competition among hardware and support vendors.

Benefits of open source

  • Open source operating system has the benefit of low cost and high reliability.
  • Open source software provides access to the source code and allows customization of software application according to the clients need.
  • Open source software has excellent free support from numerous user groups.
  • The total cost of ownership of open source software is low.
  • Technical superiority of open source software exceeds the requirements of large companies.
  • Open source removes the dependency on a single vendor.

Solutions offered

  • We provide development, consulting, technical support and implementation services for wide range of open source products.
  • We provide outsourcing services for open source ERP, CRM and CMS projects.
  • DigitalGeo's e-business solutions and enterprise web applications using open source technology transforms  clients business and agility of the organization.
  • DigitalGeo provides enterprise CRM, E-Learning, ERP and CMS solutions based on the superior open source technologies.

DigitalGeo's advantage

  • Our expert consultants have rich experience and expertise in development, consulting and implementation of     enterprise open source applications.
  • Our open source solution helps to reduce risk and systems maintenance cost.
  • Our enterprise delivery model ensures high quality and less time to market.