Media & Entertainment

Media & entertainment industry is growing exponentially and it is expected to touch trillion US dollars by 2015. There is enormous competition among the media and entertainment companies to garner greater chunk of the market share. DigitalGeo's media transformation solution improves the client?s market share to stay ahead of competition.
Our media solution makes the company to be responsive and flexible to the changing market conditions and environments. DigitalGeo provides media & entertainment solutions for wide range of companies such as broadcasting, publishing, advertising, production, games and film.

Delivering exceptional customer experience

  • DigitalGeo's expertise in media and entertainment transform client business to outperform the competition.
  • We deliver innovative technology solutions that make our clients to be agile and flexible.
  • DigitalGeo's technical expertise and process maturity provides competitive edge.
  • DigitalGeo's media and entertainment experience helps to deliver reliable, scalable and stable digital solution    for media distribution, tracking and storing.

Media & entertainment solutions to offer expertise

  • Digital Asset Management Solution
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Legacy Application Migration Services
  • ERP and Mobile Commerce Solution
  • Digital Content Distribution
  • Enterprise Application Integration Solution
  • Data Warehousing Solution