GIS analysis, Customization and Building

DigitalGeo can help develop your GIS applications using quality assured application development/software engineering methodology, whether for large, medium, or small implementations. Based on your specified requirements, DigitalGeo will design and construct the application system, conduct system testing, and install and monitor system performance until you are satisfied with the system based on the agreed specifications. Throughout the application design, prototyping, development, and implementation process, our system engineers, programmers and trainers will work closely with you to explicitly define and meet your needs.
Specifically, DigitalGeo's applications development work involves: Prototype Development, Pilot Application Studies, Full Turnkey Applications Systems, Complete User Documentation, Complete Programmer Documentation, and On-Going Support. DigitalGeo provides warranty for all the work products it delivers, so staff is available to do bug fixes or patches that were not uncovered during the acceptance process. We like to make sure that the applications we developed for you are working for you.

Our staff is well versed in the latest software tools like MapObjects, Avenue, C and C++, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual J++, Java and JavaScript, Microsoft Visual Studio and the latest .NET development framework, among others. DigitalGeo staff regularly develops complete systems using ArcInfo and ArcView software that involve the full suite of commercial database management systems and programming languages.

DigitalGeo's GIS programming staff have proven expertise in a variety of GIS and related technologies like traditional GIS, enterprise GIS, desktop and internet mapping, spatial data warehousing, and GIS training and operations support. DigitalGeo staff is industry-certified Software Architects and Systems Engineers.

GIS analysis and Customization:

 DIGITALGEO specialized technological expertise in the analysis on GIS database and development of customized package according to the customer requirements has been a significant feature, widely recognized.

 DIGITALGEO has the infrastructure and resources ? hardware, software as well as skilled manpower, to expedite fast-track data conversion, analysis and customization to meet delivery commitments. This has been possible because of the ergonomic methodologies, programme based processes and tools developed which are extensively used within the company.

  • Statistics generation
  •  Automated Mapping and Facilities Management
  •  Reports creation
  •  Model development
  •  Views and Layouts
  •  Forms linking for attribute Updating
  •  Surface analysis
  •  Virtual GIS
  •  TIN generation
  •  Network analysis
  •  3D views ? flythrough
  • SML, AML and AVENUE programming
  • Hot links ? Hyperlinks
  •  Customized menus and tools creation