Foundry Tooling

DigitalGeo caters to different tooling requirement of the foundry industry and a leader in precision die casting of zinc, aluminum, and magnesium alloys. Our knowledge, combined with years of experience and integrated advanced CAD/CAM/CAE technology along with structured project management methods, support customers from concept through proto type tooling and pre-production stages as well as into full-scale manufacturing. We provide valuable information to help you design components to maximize the quality improvement and cost saving benefits.

DigitalGeo has been serving to varied foundry tooling requirements like core box manufacturing, Gravity casting dies, Pressure casting dies, Investment molds. DigitalGeo also has been instrumental in providing finished products of ferrous and non ferrous metals and alloys to the global market. Our offering also including customer specific, secondary operations like, hardening, impregnating, shot blasting, CNC precision machining, trimming, deburring, tumbling, chromating, plating, powder coating, painting, packaging etc.

DigitalGeo will serve and meet your specific foundry requirements like,

  • Gravity castings dies
  • Pressure Die casting dies for Aluminum, Zinc and Magnesium
  • Investment molds
  • Core box design and manufacturing
  • Flow analysis and method optimization
  • Secondary finishing operation
  • Precision machining and component supplies

DigitalGeo strongly believes and knows it takes two critical ingredients to do the right job- good people and good processes. We take pride in our work and enjoy the challenge of producing quality products as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a Custom Die Caster, we are presented with casting designs of various configurations. However, our normal part size range at DigitalGeo falls within the following parameters: Weight: Ranging from few grams up to 2 Kg. Size: up to 800mm Construction: Single cavity, Multi cavity and family dies Machine range: up to 800 Tons Volume: Proto typing, batch production to high volume production.