Enterprise Application Integration

Competitive market demands and business collaborations are the challenges faced by companies across the business. These challenges have pushed the company to integrate mission critical processes, disparate applications and data to leverage the existing investments and work closely with partners.
An EAI enabled systems integration transform the business operations and management by integrating processes and technology. EAI makes information to be shared and exchanged between disparate systems within the enterprise to increase speed and efficiency.

Integrating enterprise to share information

  • EAI solution provides standard platform for enabling system-to-system integration using web services and message queues.
  • A powerful EAI implementation improves productivity by reducing the information redundancy and increasing  information sharing.
  • An EAI capability enables the organization to participate in e-marketplace for global exchanges to fulfill its business objectives.
  • EAI creates highly effective systems by integrating the existing legacy and packaged applications to     maximize the information system utilization.

Delivering real benefits

  • We have the expertise in EAI development and production support work to provide 100% risk free services.
  • We deliver reliable and quality services consistently based on the solid architecture and framework.
  • Our approach based on flexible architecture enhances the extensibility and reduces the Total Cost of   Ownership of the system.
  • Integrated infrastructure created by linking disparate systems improves productivity and increase efficiency    of the business operations.

EAI solutions
Our EAI capability includes consulting, architecting and implementation of EAI solutions. We have strong expertise in application integration, data integration, platform integration and business process integration. DigitalGeo integration service provides assessment, enterprise IT strategy, enterprise architecture, application architecture, governance and audit services.