GIS analysis and Customization

  DIGITALGEO specialized technological expertise in the analysis on GIS database and development of customized package according to the customer requirements has been a significant feature, widely recognized.

  DIGITALGEO has the infrastructure and resources – hardware, software as well as skilled manpower, to expedite fast-track data conversion, analysis and customization to meet delivery commitments. This has been possible because of the ergonomic methodologies, programme based processes and tools developed which are extensively used within the company.

  • Statistics generation
  • Automated Mapping and Facilities Management
  • Reports creation
  • Model development
  • Views and Layouts
  • Forms linking for attribute Updating
  • Surface analysis
  • Virtual GIS
  • TIN generation
  • Network analysis
  • 3D views – flythrough
  • SML, AML and AVENUE programming
  • Hot links – Hyperlinks
  • Customized menus and tools creation