Customization Services

DigitalGeo is a fast growing company with its experienced Software Engineers, CAD Developers, Drafters and Designers who are trained to serve the customers with the latest and emerging technologies like ObjectARX, OpenGL, DirectX, .Net, IGES, STEP, ACIS, Parasolid, and DXF programming.
Sometimes CAD solutions typically cannot satisfy all the needs of the CAD/CAM/CAE requirements. In such a situation e-mugprovides high quality tailor-made custom solutions for CAD/CAM/CAE.
DigitalGeo provides customized CAD programs (add-on's) to help companies to make their designers/drafters more efficient by enhancing their CAD capabilities by adopting customized programs that increases their productivity by reducing errors, development time, production cost.

 DigitalGeo provides Customization services in the following areas:
  CAD Automation : Major CAD applications with help of Object ARX (Arx), VBA, Auto Lisp, Visual Lisp       (Vlisp), C,C++, VB, VC++, Java and .Net

 CAD-Web Integration

  • Technical Documentation
  • Product Catalog
  • Service manual
  • Illustrated part lists

 Advantages of CAD programming / customization of CAD

  • Reduces production time
  • Boosts up drawing office productivity
  • Reduces errors at creation and quality control stage
  • Creates complex drawings in seconds
  • Reduces human interaction between commands and group them
  • Creates custom command, menu's, toolbar which helps to reduce clicks/keystrokes
  • Automates process which makes drafting/designing easier
  • Reduces development cost, reusability
  • Creates tools fully customized to your needs
  • Manages drawing easily