DigitalGeo CAD/CAM/CAE Services

DigitalGeo Founded with a vision to be globally renowned, technology enabled provider of high end engineering services. The mission is to impart quality, reliable, accountable, timely solutions to our clients with excellence to add value and to help them achieving their business goals.

DigitalGeo persistently researches and empowers in proven technology to meet your entire design and Complete Engineering needs. Our commitment to staying on the cutting edge of technology, allows us to maintain high quality standards while offering you fast turnarounds at competitive prices.

We team-up to share your workloads and concurrent the work execution with your engineers or suppliers. Our expertise on Product/Tool design techniques, Manufacturing, Robust modeling practices, Complete Engineering drawings, GD&T, Production engineering, six sigma etc makes us the prominent supplier. We strive to prove that DigitalGeo is a renowned supplier with repeated orders of service.

Industry domain
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Appliance
  • Medical Equipment
  • General & Precision Engineering

Execution Model
DigitalGeo offers Design services in the field of new product development cycle and back office design support. We present distinct models for our project execution.

Good organization, success and flexibility at meeting and exceeding client expectations portray our execution method. On our clients’ orientation, project execution is done at an onsite location may be at their site or at any other site, by our dedicated project implementation team, to meet customers’ requirements. We respect confidentiality and other norms and religiously follow the client instructions.

Our Offshore Development Center is fully equipped with latest tools in the CAD/CAM industry. We form and devote teams to customer requirements with resources and facilities, which consist of professionals with excellent knowledge on CAD/CAM/CAE technology. Comprehensive project implementation and management is done at our offshore design center. We respect confidentiality and other norms and religiously follow the client instructions.

Onsite-offshore execution
Project execution is done Onsite and Offshore for the specific requirements of clients. Project requirements are received and pursued at on-site by our project coordinators, who in-turn communicate and act, is as source of information for the offshore teams. This pattern of work execution is highly appreciate by our clients for it’s exceptional benefits of time saving and effectiveness. Execution of Offshore projects is same as Onsite execution of projects in regard to resources, facilities and execution model. We make sure that a team of professionals with Industry experience having rich educational background and experience in working with the self-propelled giants globally will take on each project.
It’s our client trust, which made us competent of developing world-class products cost effectively, and achieve by leveraging our technology strengths and worldwide resources.

Computer Aided Design:

  • Legacy Data Conversion
  • Model Migration
  • Solid / Surface modeling
  • Large Assembly management
  • Customization and Programming
  • Cataloguing
  •  Drafting with GD&T
  • Styling and Class-A surfacing

 Computer Aided Manufacturing :

  • Tool path generation (up to 5-axes)
  • CNC Process optimization
  • Machine program simulation
  • Process sheet generation for CNC

 Computer Aided Engineering :

  • Structural Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Thermal and Flow analysis of Dies & Molds
  •  Design Optimizations

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